Bullying and food allergies


Quite a bit has been written already about bullying and food allergies. It’s (sadly) quite common. But this interesting article in U.S. News points out the added dimension of bullying food allergic kids. Namely, “The ramifications may be more profound for children who are bullied about their food allergies than for those who are bullied for other reasons because the threats and bullying acts often involve the food the victim is allergic to. That means the bullying ​can actually be life-threatening… Kids who are bullied about their food allergies can also become especially anxious after an incident, in part because they may believe their lives are on the line.”

If you’ve got a child with food allergies, it’s worth talking to them about this topic, both to see if they’re getting bullied at school and also to talk about ways to cope if the issue arises. The article goes on to say that children whose parents are aware of the bullying have a higher quality of life and are less anxious.

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