Long-Form Writing Samples

Feast & Floret: Abloom in Hudson How is Feast & Floret in Hudson, NY, setting itself apart at the same location where until last March, Fish & Game and its award-winning chef Zak Pelaccio reigned over the region’s dining scene? 

Life With The Girls: My Mother, My Body, Myself  At the same my I was developing her chest, breast cancer was ending my mother’s life. For Bare Necessities, I look back on my growing pains and pays tribute to the woman in whose absence I defined my presence.

Mistake-Proof Your Parenting – No one’s the perfect mom or dad! But here are a few common missteps we all tend to make—and how to avoid them.

Present Parenting –  Raising kids isn’t easy but engaging in some mindful practices can help you stay calm, centered and ready to take on whatever challenges may come.

Making a Connection - For children with autism, dogs can be a lifeline between their world and other people

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