Bath & Body Works

I’ve never seen this at any retailer with the exception of NIKE — there is a waiting room to get into the Bath & Body Works annual candle day sale.

9 Best Dog Boots (and Does Your Dog Need Boots?)

Does your dog need boots? (Possibly yes, though not in every situation or climate.) I spoke with a dog trainer to find out how to pick the right boots for

Stores Staying Closed on Thanksgiving 2021: The Official List

I love this list! Many of the biggest retailers in the US, including Walmart, Target, Costco, and Sam’s Club will be closed this year, giving staff a break so they

The Best Hydrating Serums For Dehydrated Skin

Dehydrated skin (which is different than dry skin, though people often use the terms interchangeably, Dr. Tess Mauricio explained to me) can be “instantly” remedied with ingredients like aloe, hyaluronic acid,

The Best Drugstore Primers For Oily Skin

Really fascinated by the benefits of a silicone-based skincare product for people with oily or acne-prone skin. Want ideas? Check out my Elite Daily story, The Best Drugstore Primers For

People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry

Book rec! PEOPLE WE MEET ON VACATION by Emily Henry (who also wrote BEACH READ). Henry does a great job writing flawed (aka normal human) people who you root for

The Best Cheap Tablets for Kids — Because You Know They’ll Just Drop Them

For The Real Deal, I spoke with Sascha Segan, the lead analyst for mobile at, to hear what they have to say about budget-friendly tablets for kids (spoiler: the

Meet Fred Bowen, author of the FRED BOWEN SPORTS STORY SERIES

The Best Brightening Face Masks, According To Derms

Over at The Zoe Report, I interview a bunch of dermatologists on what to look for when choosing skin-brightening products. Check out their advice, and the best options, here.

What Is Noncomedogenic, Anyway?

If you’ve ever wondered what “noncomedogenic” skincare products are, and whether you should choose them if you have sensitive or breakout-prone skin, I spoke with dermatologist Dr. Ranella Hirsch for