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The 18 Best Matching Family Holiday Pajamas

If this is your thing, hurry up and order asap! They’re already selling out. And yes, of course you should pick up a pair for your pet, too. The cutest

Cheap Wine 101: How to Find Inexpensive, Enjoyable Wines This Holiday Even if You’re a Total Amateur

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The 38 Best Early Holiday Gifts to Stock Up on Now

Between mailing delays, supply chain issues, limits on in-person shopping due to COVID-19, distance from loved ones and tightening budgets, gift-giving during the 2020 holiday season is going to be

Should Parents Let Their Kids Read Scary Books?

It’s the season of all things spooky, and readers of all ages are reaching for scary books. But for middle-graders, should parents, teachers, and librarians step in and vet kids’

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I wrote PINK HAIR AND OTHER TERRIBLE IDEAS for all the kids who have a parent at home fighting #breastcancer. I’m grateful to Capstone for allowing me tell Josephine’s story.

A Keanu Coloring Book, and Other De-Stressing Products

14 Adult Coloring and Journaling Supplies For At-Home De-stressing — over at RetailMeNot: —

It’s World Kid Lit Month!

If you’re interested in #kidlit, this month industry experts focus their attention on promoting kid lit in translation. Find out more in this PW article.

Back-to-School Lunch Ideas and Tips to Keep Parents and Kids Healthy and Happy

Over at RetailMeNot, I interviewed Deanna Cook about ways to make lunchtime less hectic, whether your kids are going to school or learning at home.

The Best Sunscreens, According To Dermatologists

Want help choosing a sunscreen for your face or body? These eight were all suggested to us by dermatologists. (Full article at Bustle.)