Milk and egg allergies cause parents more worry


Researchers assumed that it would be families dealing with nut allergies who had the most concerns about keeping their food allergic children safe, but a new study showsMilk that “parents and other caregivers of children who are allergic to milk and eggs have higher anxiety and stress levels than those whose children are allergic to peanuts.” (These findings even surprised the study leads!)

I know that for me, dairy in particular caused me worry because it’s everywhere and kids consume it in forms that splash–like milk or tubes of yogurt. There isn’t really a hierarchy of anxiety with food allergies; the treatment for this condition, no matter which foods you cannot eat, is to be vigilant and ever-watchful, but this study will be helpful for people working with food allergy families so they don’t inadvertently minimize the concerns of any allergy, nut or not.

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