Traveling with kids with food allergies


This well-written piece by Boston Globe reporter Fluto Shinzawa covers the scary early years of having a child with food allergies and the challenges of traveling with them.

Lovely writing: “It wasn’t easy. As a parent of an allergic kid, you’re always on alert. You never feel comfortable. It’s tiring.

But the weather was good. Vermont glowed. Our hosts made us comfortable for a third straight year. My city kids loved hiking up the Notch, pitching rocks into the creek running off Moss Glen Falls, and uncovering the den of the groundhog that roamed the backyard.

Edison had no issues. His biggest problem was worrying about petting a baby turkey at the farm.”

If he asked, I’d assure Mr. Shinzawa that it does get easier — and it does, lots and lots easier — but it’s never totally relaxing.

My child with food allergies is almost nine, so I’ve had years of getting this down. But I made a stupid rookie mistake on our last vacation and didn’t ask about ingredients in the pizza dough. Cut to my kid having hours of stomach pain and nausea. Lousy for her. And careless on my part. I’m grateful she didn’t feel worse, I guess, but it would be fun for her to eat out without fear. And for us, too.

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