It’s not surprising at all that a study shows that moms who have kids with food allergies not only seek advice on what to feed their children, but that they also crave emotional support as they go about figuring out how to give their kids the tools to live full, happy, healthy, and independent lives. I talk about this all the time–the learning curve for a newly-diagnosed food-allergy family is steep! And it’s often one you wind up climbing alone, unless you have friends or family who’ve walked this path before you.

I was desperate for advice and support when we first found out Amelia had so many dietary restrictions. My loved ones meant well, but I was upset and anxious, and they thought I was overreacting. Anyone reading this who has a kid with food allergies: Find a great dietitian who can work with you, join a support group online, and know that it will get easier, soon!

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