Food allergies in the news


When Amelia was first diagnosed with food allergies, I was desperate for information–and to feel less alone. She was the first kid I’d ever met who couldn’t eat foods like eggs or nuts and it was so new and so scary. I read–and re-read–every article and book I could find and was extremely grateful for each new scrap.

Seven + years later and you can’t open a magazine or newspaper without seeing an article about food allergies and we know plenty of kids like her. I’m not happy that we haven’t found a cure, but I am glad there’s attention to this issue impacting so many of us.

Here are two helpful recent pieces which touch on the health and emotional aspects of food allergies, including one from one of my personal favorite health writers, Jane Brody at The New York Times.

Skeptics add to food allergy burden for parents (The Boston Globe)

As peanut allergies rise, trying to determine a cause (The New York Times)

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