How Much Do You Oversee A Child’s Book Choices?

Reprinted from my blog post at From the Mixed-Up Files of Middle Grade Authors   My daughter is in fourth grade, and by the grace of the book gods, she

Summer can’t come soon enough

Yes, it’s January, but I’m already looking forward to summer. That’s when Kate DiCamillo takes on her job as the Collaborative Summer Library Program’s National Summer Reading Champion. In that

Bullying and food allergies

Quite a bit has been written already about bullying and food allergies. It’s (sadly) quite common. But this interesting article in U.S. News points out the added dimension of bullying

Food allergy treatment update

Top allergy doc Hugh Sampson, M.D. who is the Director at the Jaffe Food Allergy Institute Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, runs down a list of the latest


It’s not surprising at all that a study shows that moms who have kids with food allergies not only seek advice on what to feed their children, but that they

Sad news for four food allergy families

Four young adults have died recently from ingesting food they were allergic to. Such sad news for their families.

Wow (actually, two big wows)

First off, thanks to Sean Parker (he of Napster fame and fortune) for his massive $24 million gift to establish the Sean N. Parker Center for Allergy Research at Stanford

Nominate MY YEAR OF EPIC ROCK for the book of the year

MY YEAR OF EPIC ROCK is on the long list for the Teen Choice Book of the Year Award for 2014. There are a ton of wonderful books here, but

Allergy-friendly Christmas cookies

Last year my son (no food allergies) got invited to a cookie exchange. I’d never gone to one with our daughter, because it’s kind of tricky to take a kid

Just shoot them?

People say stupid stuff all the time. It’s never a good plan to do it on camera, though. At a school board meeting, Linda Grossmann, a school board member in