15 Common Food Allergy Myths

H/t to the LA Times for their feature debunking common food allergy myths, including that peanuts are the most common food allergen (not true, milk and eggs rank higher for

Smell Ya Later, Bake Sales?

So this is a thing: bake sales are getting banned, or seriously curtailed, across the country. It’s due to a federal law aimed at fighting childhood obesity, reports The Wall

What’s middle grade and what’s YA?

Librarians and booksellers need to know so much: what books are good, what level reader they’re right for, what’s age appropriate and on and on. This PW piece on how

Reading at Oblong Books & Music on Sept. 7th

I am very excited that I’ll be reading and talking about MY YEAR OF EPIC ROCK on Sunday, September 7th at 4 PM at the always awesome Oblong Books &

Nickel allergies and technology

I’m so focused on food allergies that I often forget how common it is for people react to things that touch their skin (which we all recall from bio class

Back to school with food allergies webinar

Gina Clowes, a leading voice for food allergic families and FARE’s Director of Education will be hosting a webinar called What Every Parent Must Know About Managing Food Allergies at

Happy July 4th

    Need inspiration on craft and treat ideas for the 4th? ┬áHere’s a feature I did for The Real Deal with 18 DIY projects and desserts. Enjoy!  

Milk and egg allergies cause parents more worry

Researchers assumed that it would be families dealing with nut allergies who had the most concerns about keeping their food allergic children safe, but a new study shows that “parents

How Restaurant Pros Are Handling the Surge of Food Allergies

This excellent article in Eater is about a variety of chefs and how they’re working hard to accommodate their allergic diners. Gorgeous layout, too!

Homemade Egg Free Pasta

I have a lot of favorite food allergy bloggers, so I don’t ask me to pick just one or two. But up there for sure is SpeedBump Kitchen, which features