Ursula K. Le Guin

I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve never read anything by the renowned author Ursula K. Le Guin. She sounds like she kicked ass and named names at the recent National Book

Egg-Free Mayonnaise

I can make egg-free versions of tons of dishes. Muffins, waffles, potato pancakes, you name it, someone’s probably created a vegan or allergy-friendly variation out there. Mayonnaise, however, is tough

From the Mixed-Up Files… of Middle-Grade Authors

Writing can be lonely, but not if you have (virtual) coworkers. So I’m excited to be joining the crackerjack team over at From the Mixed-Up Files, where I’ll do interviews and

Thanks, Booklist!

MY YEAR OF EPIC ROCK got a great review in the November 1 2014 issue of Booklist. If you’re a subscriber, you can read it here. If not, check out the

Food allergy awareness for Halloween

Every Halloween I try to offer a treat that’s free of at least most of the top allergens, like Ring Pops (a crowd pleaser, btw) but an even cooler way to be


Hey, ho everyone! If you’re curious about MY YEAR OF EPIC ROCK, you’ve got a shot (well, 10 shots, to be specific) to win a copy for yourself over at

A Mighty Girl

My Year of Epic Rock showed up on the A Mighty Girl site recently, which is really exciting. A Mighty Girl calls itself “the world’s largest collection of books, toys,

National Bullying Prevention Month

The New York Public Library pulled together a fantastic list of YA books that address the topic of bullying. It absolutely sucks that this is still such a problem for

See you October 4th at Bank Street Books!

Hope to see all you middle grade readers on Saturday, October 4th at Bank Street Books to talk about MY YEAR OF EPIC ROCK.

Parenting a Middle Schooler with Food Allergies

Kathy Kaufield’s new piece on “The Angst of Parenting a Child with Severe Food Allergies” details how scary it can feel to let a child with food allergies become more