Reading October 4th in NYC

Dear NYC people, please come to an event to celebrate MY YEAR OF EPIC ROCK at Bank Street Bookstore on Saturday, October 4th at 2:30 PM. I’d love to see

Chronogram loves My Year of Epic Rock

How much did I love this review in the Hudson Valley-based Chronogram? “When we first meet Nina, the seventh-grade protagonist of Andrea Pyros’s excellent debut My Year of Epic Rock,

Thanks for the fab review, School Library Journal!

Hey, exciting news. My Year of Epic Rock got a great review from the School Library Journal. Read it, babies! “Nina is excited for the start of seventh grade. She

Traveling with kids with food allergies

This well-written piece by Boston Globe reporter Fluto Shinzawa covers the scary early years of having a child with food allergies and the challenges of traveling with them. Lovely writing:

My blog tour begins!

Countdown to September 2nd, the publication date for My Year of Epic Rock. Some very nice middle grade and YA bloggers are helping me promote the book’s launch, including Chapter

Nutley, for back to school

Have you seen the super cute Nutley, the Nut-Free Squirrel? It’s a children’s book about a squirrel allergic to, yep, nuts. It’s perfect for a younger grades. Have a kid

15 Common Food Allergy Myths

H/t to the LA Times for their feature debunking common food allergy myths, including that peanuts are the most common food allergen (not true, milk and eggs rank higher for

Smell Ya Later, Bake Sales?

So this is a thing: bake sales are getting banned, or seriously curtailed, across the country. It’s due to a federal law aimed at fighting childhood obesity, reports The Wall

What’s middle grade and what’s YA?

Librarians and booksellers need to know so much: what books are good, what level reader they’re right for, what’s age appropriate and on and on. This PW piece on how

Reading at Oblong Books & Music on Sept. 7th

I am very excited that I’ll be reading and talking about MY YEAR OF EPIC ROCK on Sunday, September 7th at 4 PM at the always awesome Oblong Books &